Ingrown Hair Treatment Solutions For a Safer Male Or Female Body

This is a type of hair that appears in the hair shaft and can grow up to 10 inches in length. It occurs mostly in the men’s and women’s armpits but some may also occur in the male genitalia and in the female breast.

ingrown hair

The ingrown hair is easy to detect as it will bleed, becoming difficult to treat. As its name indicates, the hairs can be located on the skin surface at the nape or underneath the chin, along the inner side of the neck, in the male genitals, on the armpit and breast. It can develop at any part of the body but the armpit is more common than the others.

The hair follicles can be very small and will start bleeding when pressure is applied. The bleeding will stop when the pressure is removed.

The reasons for the ingrown hair are an excess of hair growth. Over-excessive use of hair products or excessive washing of the hair can be the causes. The hair usually grows at a faster rate than the hair shaft so it can easily be pulled out.

When the small hairs become affected with a fungus, the infection will cause the other hairs around it to grow as well. This condition is called a ring and if not treated will spread to other areas of the skin.

For the treatment method, most salons use liquid nitrogen. The effect is instant as the dead skin and the affected hair is burned off. The hair loss will be healed immediately.

If the treatment doesn’t work, the treatment can be done with the help of lasers. The hair will be laser treated and the affected hair follicles will die out. The problem of ingrown hair can be solved and it won’treoccur.

Most salons have all the latest treatments for laser hair removal as they are in constant need of professionals to do the procedure. The salons may even have a follow-up test for the treatment so you can see how the salons can provide the best treatment.

While Hair Laser Removal cures the ingrown hair problem, there is no permanent solution for hair loss. It may take time to get rid of the problem and then again to have the treatment.

Some hair loss treatments like Finasteride can cure hair loss. The problem of ingrown hair is treated by means of laser treatments, so it may not be possible to cure the hair loss permanently.

Men and women who suffer from hair loss and those who want to improve their hair will want to look for a treatment that has little or no side effects. In addition, they need to find a treatment that will work fast and work consistently.

It’s better to go to a medical spa, where they have all the tools and services they need to tackle the problem. They have all the latest laser technology that will remove the ingrown hair and help you grow your hair back in a healthy way.